"Outros nomes, outras guerras"

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Synopsis: "This volume contains a selection of poems that come from his first book, Raíz de Mágoa (1972) until the recent África Frente e Verso, and even includes a brief unpublished sequence.
Urbano Bettencourt's poetry requires our reunion from time to time, a succession of glances and thoughts. It's not so much a poetry of ideas or concepts, but rather an idea or concept of poetry where everything fits or it may be suggested and hinted, where the best of our literary tradition converges so that we can constantly redefine who we are and where we came from' Vamberto Freitas (from the Preface)


About the author: Urbano Bettencourt (Piedade , Pico, 1949)
Degree in Romance Philology at the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon. Teaches at the University of the Azores since 1990. Has devoted particular attention to literature of the islands, on which has already gave lectures in Cape Verde, Madeira, the Canaries and the Azores. Collaborates in specialty magazines in the country and abroad.

Published works: Poesia e narrativa: Raiz de mágoa (1972); Marinheiro com residência fixa (1980); Naufrágios inscrições (1987); Algumas das cidades (1995); Lugares sombras e afectos (2005); Santo Amaro sobre o mar (2005; 2.ª ed, 2009); Antero (2006); Que paisagem apagarás (2010); África frente e verso (2012). Ensaio: O gosto das palavras, 3 vols. (1983, 1995, 1999); Emigração e literatura (1989); De Cabo Verde aos Açores – à luz da «Claridade (1998); Ilhas conforme as circunstâncias (2003).


Year: 2013

Publisher: Companhia das Ilhas

Collection: Transeatlântico

Genre: Poetry

Idiom: Portuguese

Dimensions: 11x15cm

Number of Pages: 48