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Maria Rufina embarked for the Azores in 1880, to live there with two aunts, after having been hospitalized in the hospice of alienated of Recife-Olinda after becoming an orphan. In Ponta Delgada, she married, gave birth to a son, only to see, five years later, in the bankruptcy of Portugal, her husband commit suicide. Two alternatives remained for Rufina. In deciding between them, she also decided on what she wanted to be, opened up a business for her son, and also established the sense that he was asked to orient himself in the political crisis of the country at the beginning of the century. XX.

About the author: Miguel Soares de Albergaria is the author of the essay Conditions of Delay of the Portuguese People in the Last Two Centuries; Of some articles published in multidisciplinary journals - among them a trilogy on the civilizational condition of the West - of other articles in publications specialized in philosophy; And the dramatic text of the Five Battles of Coimbra. He writes about science, technology and society in the newspapers Ciência Hoje (since 2014) and Correio dos Açores; Has published opinions on political issues in a timely manner. He is responsible for the Blog Aberturas. He was born in 1963, lives in Ponta Delgada.