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«This is a literary magazine that intends to promote writting, fictional or essay, about what are the Azores today - in its new insides. In its characters, biographical tensions, in its dreams and illusions, and its conflicts and accidents. But also in its customs, its small habits and verbal expressions.»

Nuno Costa Santos

Contributors: Alexandre Borges, Bianca M, João Pedro Porto, Joel Neto, Leonardo, Luís Rego, Maria das Mercês Pacheco, Mariana Matos, Mário T Cabral, Paula de Sousa Lima, Renata Correia Botelho, Rogério Sousa e Rui Jorge Cabral. The magazine is presented by Leonor Sampaio; Nuno Costa Santos publishes an interview with azorean writer Daniel de Sá (1944-2013); Miguel Real contributes as guest writer and Vasco Medeiros Rosa publishes a brief text, little known, by Vitorino Nemésio. Portfolio was done by Duarte Belo, with photographs of "grotas" of the Azores.