"Vida suburbana"

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What secrets does the Punk hide in Portugal? This is the question that Paul Lemos aims to answer in his book debut, the first of its kind in Portugal. The book covers the subculture Punk and explores its many artistic and communication fields. Starting an approach to international Punk, on to its Portuguese manifestation, ending with the case study of the oldest punk band in Portugal still in activity: Mata-Ratos.

About the Author: With a degree in Journalism and Art Studies, Paul Lemos is attending the Communication Sciences PhD at University of Coimbra. Throughout his musical career, he produced 37 concerts, edited 9 discs and was part of 7 bands within the genre punk/hardcore and ska. In addition, while at the Erasmus Programme in Florence, he worked at Walt Disney World (USA) and was a press aidee for the Mighty Sounds Festival.