"Follow the Stream"

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The band "Stream" has over the past years marked the Azorean music scene. With international effects and the establishment of several synergies, the debut album emerges. The band works again with the producer of "An other story," Ivo Magalhães, in IM Studios, Porto. The mastering was made by the prestigious producer Pete Doell of Universal Music Studios in Hollywood, who has worked with REM, Celine Dion, Marilyn Manson, among others ...

Track Listing:

01- Crazy

02- Hold On

03- Stand Up

04- Rush

05- Don’t Worry

06- Deal With Life

07- Leave me alone

08- Listen

09- Not Strong

10- Wake UP

11 - Bónus PT (Mesmo a Vencer)

12- Bónus (An Other Story)