Hysson Jasmine & Green Tea


This green tea results from a combination of Gorreana´s finest green tea (Encosta de Bruma) mixed with Jasmine flower from India. The Encosta de Bruma is an exquisite green tea produced exclusively from the terminal bud and the first leaf of the plant. The tea bushes are grown on the highest ridge of the Gorreana tea plantation and are harvested in late July and early August when the constant fog protects the leaves from the intense sunlight. The plant acquires its subtle sweet and light characteristics during this period due to the climatic conditions of rainfall, relative humidity and average air temperature. This sublime mixture results in a delicate, exotic flavour with a heavily pronounced perfume. Most suited to be enjoyed in the morning or afternoon, this tea is very rich in tannins and antioxidants and with a very low theine (caffeine) content, hence it is known for its various health benefits.