"Dona Amélia" Cakes

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Traditional Confectionary from Terceira island. Cinnamon, raisins and spices from the Discoveries. Box of 6 or 12 units.

The Donas Amélias are a conventual sweet from the island of Terceira, adapted from an already existent recipe, the so-called "cake of the Indies", which is also made with spices. Donas Amélias date back to 1901, at time of the Royal visit of Queen Amélia and King Carlos to Terceira Island.

This sweet was made in the form of a cheesecake, and derives from an oldest cake made with spices. The islanders offered the cheesecakes to the King and Queen as an acknowledgement gift, thus naming them Amélia, as a tribute to the Queen.

Box of 6 or 12 units.

Ingredients: Sugar, eggs, sugar syrup, cinnamon, butter, corn flour, wheat flour, raisins.

Receita Original Dona Amélia