Made in Azores intends to be a place where the excellence of regional products from the Islands of the Azores is just a click away. Built from the confidence in the quality of the gastronomic and cultural products of the Archipelago of the Azores, and with a group of young Azorean's desire in divulging them across borders, Made in Azores offers a range of unique regional products, that resulted from centuries of history and experience.

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Archipelago of the Azores has nearly six centuries of history and culture that was shaped by the geographical dispersion of its nine islands and its nine people. Since its settlement, the Azores have had an important role of intercontinental range. The Azores were a meeting point and support for multiple cultures, having had very early access to new spices from India. The exotic new recipes brought from the various corners of the world during the Discoveries were mixed through time with the techniques and unique national traditions that have developed and matured on the lava floor of these nine islands.

Alongside this tradition, a contemporaneity emerges in our present. A contemporaneity that is not only aware of the possibility of the internationalization of products Made in the Azores but also aims to be an active part of that globalization, by offering contemporary, reivented products at the distance of a click.


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