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"Ranço" Poetry Jorge Aguiar Oliveira


by Jorge Aguiar Oliveira Poetry Azulcobalto Collection


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Synopsis: "The poetry of Jorge Aguiar Oliveira stood, ever since, on the desire to show the wrinkle, unmasking reality, making costumes and masks fall, showing with special rawness the insides of its themes. "Ranço" (Rancid) is a collection of twenty poems that puts in evidence the decline of a country. If it is true that this decline was always implied in the verses of the author, as in these poems he never appeared so explicitly. I say this by noting a certain thematic inflection in the poetry of Jorge Aguiar Oliveira, without departing completely from the erotic to the tragic fatalism and staging of sexuality in the context of social, cultural and religious oppression. This thematic inflection is much closer, in these poems, to the politic landscape and its more than evident dirty secrets.'(Henrique Fialho)

About the author : Jorge Aguiar Oliveira Viseu (1956 )
From the author :

2013 - Inclusion of the poem "António Botto” – which was published in the book Faróis, in 1990, and later included in Homens sem soutien, 2002 – in the poettry anthology «Em Lisboa, sobre o mar.» Edição Fabula Urbis.
5 fotografias do autor, para o romance de Carlos Alberto Machado «Hipopótamos em Delagoa Bay». Edição abysmo.
2010 - Insónia em segunda mão. Poems written between 2004 and 2008. Author's Edition.
2004 - João Alves. Poetry. Author's Edition.
2002 - Homens sem soutien. A group of poems written and edited between 1983 and 1999. Author's Edition. 


Year: 2014

Publisher: Companhia das Ilhas

Colection: Azulcobalto

Genre: Poetry

Idioma: Portuguese

Dimensions: 11x15cm

Number of pages: 56


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