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"O boato. Introdução ao pessimismo" Aphorisms by Alexandre Borges

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by Alexandre Borges. Aphorism. Transeatlântico Collection

"A synopsis is an electoral promise. A declaration of eternal love. The candidate in a job interview. The real estate agent selling the house. The candidate for Miss World talking about the dream of saving the children of Africa. It's the best of us, in a few lines - the perfection that does not stand up to something bigger than an affair. And there is no harm in that - since made between adults. This is the synopsis of "O Boato. Introdução ao Pessimismo" in 187 aphorisms. Or un-aphorisms. Between God and a coffee grinder." (Alexandre Borges)

About the author: Author and screenwriter, has a degree in Philosophy and Script Writting. Written for television documentaries A Arte no Tempo da SIDA, Um Homem Chamado Francisco Sá Carneiro, the documentary series Grandes Livros, Santos de Portugal, and Nós, Republicanos, mong others, and integrated teams responsible for Zapping, Ecuador, CQC – Caia Quem Caia or Música Maestro. Collaborated with the Rádio Clube Português, O Inimigo Público, and Atlântico Magazine. Alexandre Borges was director of Cénico de Direito, director of ACR Hipócritas, culture editor of A Capital and film critic of the newspaper I.
He is the author of Dez Histórias De Amor Em Portugal (narrative, Editorial Notícias, 2003); Heartbreak Hotel (poetry, Livramento, 2005), Todas As Viúvas De Lisboa (romance, Quetzal Editores, 2009) e Histórias Secretas De Reis Portugueses (narrative, Casa das Letras, 2012).
Does not have a car or Facebook, and is trying to come up with a second novel that is stuck and confesses that he feels like Jardel every time he has to write these third-person biographical notes about himself.


Year: 2013

Publisher: Companhia das Ilhas

Collection: Transeatlântico

Gender: aphorism

Idiom: Portuguese

Dimensions : 11x15cm

Number of pages: 64


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