"O Escuro Anterior" de Luís Carlos Patraquim
Companhia das Ilhas

"O escuro anterior" "O escuro anterior" Poetry by Luís Carlos Patraquim

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by Luís Carlos Patraquim. Poetry. Transeatlântico Collection


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"After Rui Knopfli, Sebastião Alba and Craveirinha, José Luís Carlos Patraquim (born in 1953 in the then Lourenço Marques) is probably the biggest Mozambican poet.
Patraquim has a well calibrated poetic art, able to write very expressive and almost expressionistic short poems, verbally dense and unpredictable with an effective bet in imagery. These are poems that can be accessed only thorugh their verbal force, also anchored in an almost ritualistic repetition and a remarkable sense of rhythm." Pedro Mexia


About the Author: Luís Carlos Patraquim (Maputo (1953)
Poet, playwright, script writter and journalist, with a vast published work: MonçãoA Inadiável ViagemVinte e Tal Novas Formulações and Uma Elegia CarnívoraMariscando Luas (with Ana M. Leite and Chichorro), Lidemburgo BluesO Osso Côncavo e Outros PoemasPneuma, Canção de Zefanias Zforza, Antologia Poética (Brasil) or the anthology Matéria Concentrada (Maputo, N’djira, 2011).
As a writer/editor: cinema newspaper Kuxa Kamena, several documentaries in the National Institute of Cinema, in Mozambique, movies O Tempo dos Leopardos, by Licínio Azevedo, A Tempestade da Terra, by Fernando Silva, dialogues and colaboration in O Gotejar da Luz, by F. Vendrell, Contos Populares da Lusofonia (video series), by Luís Beja, with António Cabrita, adaptation from the book by Mia Couto Um Rio Chamado Tempo, Uma Casa Chamada Terra (in preparation) and with Licínio Azevedo, Comboio de Sal e Açúcar (in preparation).
For Theatre, Luís has writte, among others: Karingana Wa KaringanaVim Te BuscarTremores Íntimos Anónimos (with A. Cabrita), No Estaleiro Geral and As Mulheres d’Água.


Year: 2013

Publisher: Companhia das Ilhas

Collection: Transeatlântico

Genre: Poetry

Language: Portuguese 

Dimensions: 11x15cm

Number of pages: 48


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