"Na noite silenciosa" Christmas Poems by Dias de Melo

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by Dias de Melo. Fiction

This book should have come out a year ago. This is why they began printing it. You were then with us, Father, and I dedicated it to you. You know how much I wanted you. How much I worshiped you. For all of what you loved us. For all of what you fought and sacrificed for all of us. And for everything you taught us through your honesty and uprightness. And for everything you taught us through your pure loyalty to the principles of Justice, Truth, Equality, Freedom - and for the certainty that you had when went away with your lucid eyes focused on the future, believing that one day, justice, truth, equality and freedom would be the bread that satisfies all the hunger, that gives clothes to cover all the nudity, that are stars to illuminate every conscience. And I - dedicated this book to you. Not that you needed my dedication to make you closer to your son. But, anyway, I would dedicate it. In the meantime... The dedication was there. Stood there. But you... Now... Few, poor, insignificant words. Never has words, Father, cost me so much to write... See you any day...


Publisher: Veraçor
Language : Portuguese

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