Cantigas de várias cores de Bruno Walter Ferreira

"Cantigas de Várias Cores" "Cantigas de Várias Cores" album by Bruno Walter Ferreira

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Debut album by Bruno Walter Ferreira. "Cantigas de Várias Cores" (2004)

Bruno Walter G. Ferreira, MD, a native of the island of Santa Maria, currently lives and works in the island of Terceira, Azores.

Passionate about the music he dedicates himself, as an amateur for many years, Bruno Walter has been part of many university groups and his biggest source of interest is the composition of urban popular songs with influences ranging from traditional to Blues and Jazz through Africa and certainly the Beatles, Dylan and others.

This work from 2004 entitled "Songs of Many Colors" contains lyrics of  great Portuguese poets, including Azorean ones. Entirely recorded in the studio of Auditório do Ramo Grande, in Praia da Vitória, Terceira. Produced by Luis Gil Bettencourt.

Track Listing: 

1. Canção do Emigrante

2. Cantiga do Grilo

3. Romance Açoriano

4. Búzios

5. Vôo Suave

6. Paixão

7. Sepultura Romântica

8. Cavalo de Várias Cores

9. Nocturno

10. Natural Perfume

11. Sentir e Pensar

12. Airport Blues

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