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"The Holy Ghost Celebration in Terceira Island" by Mário Duarte and Karl-Heinz Raach

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by Mário Duarte and Karl-Heinz Raach. Tourism.

What really is an Império? To those who made these Glory celebrations praising the Divine Holy Ghost, the Império is the building, what flows around it, the brotherhood that is identified as belonging to this or to that Império.
At least in the Mediterranean tradition, an Empire Império, differs from a Kingdom in the sense that the former normally unites different peoples, different beliefs and different languages. It gives to all that mixture a superior unity but accepts, without reservations, diversity.
Then, how will it be the Empire of our Lord Holy Ghost?
It is, mainly, a way of being, of sharing, of each one to relate to God, under this immaterial evocation that is the Holy Ghost and, because of this, does need the crowns, the scepters, the flags, the buildings, the bread, the wine, the meat, the praying, the fireworks and the music, in order to us being able to feel, accept and to pass to those of the next year and of the next generations.

Photography: Mário Duarte and Karl-Heinz Raach
Text: Helena Ormonde, Maduro Dias and Carlos Enes

Bilingual Edition.

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