"Turlu e Charrua - Confidências"
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"Turlu e Charrua - Confidências" Biography by Mário Pereira Costa

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by Mário Pereira Costa. Biography.

"Through these confidences made to Mário Costa by Turlu and Charrua, we enter the everlasting world of the great loves that have filled beautiful pages of literature.

Our two popular singers did not escape this burning fire, from the moment they crossed, and consumed them because it was impossible to consummate.

The testimonies that both gave to Mário in good time became a beautiful book that is read with all the pleasure, following the path of the two improvisers in their struggle for life, revealing the passion for the art they cultivated.

A book that transports us to the universe of songs "ao desafio" (to the challenge), where the sensibility of the two repentistas is well evident in the transcripts of blocks in the sharp despiques in which they got involved and how they got out of the despiques with intelligence and sagacity.

Whoever lived with Turlu and Charrua can't escape feeling of their personalities through the pages of this book, seeing their faces, now laughing, sometimes sad, the gestures and the telluric force emanating from them. The generations that did not know them have in this edition a beautiful opportunity to capture facets of the life of two fundamental elements of our popular culture. "

Carlos Enes

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