"A Vida no Campo"
Tabacaria Angra

"A Vida no Campo: os anos da maturidade" by Joel Neto

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by Joel Neto. Novel. Published by Cultura.


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After twenty years in Lisbon, writer Joel Neto - in the company of his wife, translator Catarina Ferreira de Almeida - decided to return to his origins, in the place of Dois Caminhos, parish of Terra Chã, Terceira Island, with the aim of staying for a few years in search of the environment needed to produce a novel.

Once the deadline for returning to the big city had expired, the options were to find a way to stop time or to assume once and for all that this was where they wanted to live permanently.

With their canine family, manicured garden and vegetable garden, stunning landscape, and kind neighbors around, Joel and Catarina now smile with melancholy and lightness as they think of how serene the years of maturity will be in the field.

Language: Portuguese

Dimensions: 145 x 235 mm

Binding: Softcover

Pages: 224

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