"Sons no tempo" album by Trio Origens (CD)

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Debut album by Trio Origens, titled "Sons no Tempo" (CD)

The Trio ORIGENS joins the Viola da Terra by Rafael Carvalho with the classic violin sounds of Carolina Constância and the accompaniment to the guitar by César Carvalho, both in a more traditional context and in different musical styles. In a combination of the traditional repertoire of several islands in the Azores, while bringing traditional pieces from other countries, a concert of intimate surroundings is created for those who wish to attend the popular and the erudite in a simple but rich combination of sounds.

Track Listing:

1. Cantiga Bailada (Beira Baixa)

2. Rema (Faial)

3. Fado da Noite (São Miguel)

4. Lundum (São Miguel)

5. Danza del Oso (Astúrias)

6. Rosinha dos Limões (Artur Ribeiro)

7. A Chuva (Jorge Fernando)

8. Dança dos Camponeses (Carlos Paredes)

9. Chamateia (António Melo de Sousa e Luís Bettencourt)

10. El Açor (Sérgio Ávila)

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