"O 5º Toiro" album by Só Forró (CD)

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Debut album by the popular group Só Forró, from Terceira island. (2020 - CD)

The group Só Forró was formed in April 2005, in Angra do Heroísmo, by José Fernandes Andrade (vocalist) and Paulo Laranjeira (accordion and music producer). Later joined Eduardo Moniz, guitar; Liliano Gomes and Felipe Costa, cavaquinho; Mário Gomes, short; Cláudio Oliveira, accordion; Carlos Lima, mandolin; and Gilberto Machado, percussion.

The group is known for combining the improvisation of the repentista José Fernandes with the musical show of the remaining musicians, being a frequent presence in the parish and city parties on the island of Terceira, having also performed in the North American and Canadian Diaspora, as well as in other cities in the United States. Azores and the continent.

The group intends to be a tribute to the spirit of Terceira, and the album "O 5º Toiro" a tribute to the island tradition of bullfighting with the rope. Since there are only four bullfights in bullfights, with intervals between them, the expression "5th bullfight" refers to "after bullfighting", the party that takes place throughout the night and which brings together hundreds of guests in all parishes of Terceira island.

Musics: 1. Açores Lindos; 2. Quinto Toiro; 3. Improviso; 4. Tradições da Ilha Terceira; 5. Fernanda nome de mãe; 6. Angra Menina do Mundo; 7. Praia Minha; 8. Ser Emigrante; 9. Ser Capinha; 10. Vindimas; 11. Visita aos Açores.

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