Tuna Pieces in Vegetable Oil Corretora 190g

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Tuna pieces in vegetable oil, from the island of São Miguel. 190 gram can.

Tuna pieces in vegetable oil, from the island of São Miguel. 190 gram can.

Corretora canned tuna is a food made from the muscle mass of the various species of thunnus fish. The tuna thus preserved, in an airtight package subjected to heat, in addition to salt, oil or olive oil, has no preservatives, colorings, emulsifiers or any other additives.

Canned tuna is a food rich in several essential nutrients: excellent quality proteins; special polyunsaturated fats, the so-called -3 fats, that protect the arteries, the joints, and have properties that stimulate the immune system; iron, easily absorbed by the intestins; zinc, which is essential for growth and co-factor of one of the antioxidant compounds; calcium; group B vitamins and vitamin D.

Sociedade Corretora Lda

Sociedade Corretora Limitada was founded in Ponta Delgada, in 1913, with the objective of bringing together pineapple producers and exporting the fruit to Europe. With the Second World War and the inherent difficulties in exporting, the company diversified its production, starting to make fruit jams and canned fish. For this reason, the creation of a fishing fleet begins. After the war, he dedicated himself exclusively to canning. With an annual production of around 2,000 tons of fish, the canning plant makes the Azores, Italy, the United States of America and Canada its main targets.

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