"10 Anos de 'Origens'" Viola da Terra album by Rafael Carvalho (CD/DVD)

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"10 Years of Origins" traces the path of Rafael Carvalho, Viola da Terra player, with a CD of 14 songs selected from the 6 albums that Rafael Carvalho has edited so far, as well as 6 originals and a DVD that tells the musician's journey.

10 Years of Origins

In an instant, 10 years have passed…

In February 2012, in Ribeira Quente, I presented “Origens” to the public. It was a moment of great pride for my first solo album, in Viola da Terra, but also a moment of nervousness about people's reaction.

Fortunately, the love and support was enormous. This is the only way to justify the release of the following albums: “Paralelo 38” in 2014, “Relheiras” in 2017, “9 Ilhas, 2 Corações” in 2018, “Um Natal à Viola” in 2019 and “Cordas do Mundo” in 2021.

This journey has not been easy by any means. However, the desire to continue to divulge the sound of our Viola da Terra, in its traditional fashions, in the adaptations I made of other repertoires, and, mainly, in the originals that I have presented, were always the driving force to bring all the work to public.

In addition, the support of so many extraordinary musicians, studio technicians, design teams, and, of course, the unconditional support of the family, has helped to ensure a solid, consistent path, but also with a lot of innovation.

About all this journey, more than going into words, I invite everyone to watch the DVD carefully. All this path is well mentioned there, by the way that Palco de Illusions managed to portray it.

The CD comes with 20 originals: 14 are the result of a choice I made, of all the originals edited from 2012 to 2021, and the other 6 pieces are recorded here, for the first time, with the aim of always presenting something new.

I asked all the musicians who participated in my albums, as well as other friends and acquaintances who follow, support and promote my work, to write a paragraph or two about this experience. With their testimonies, they are the ones who present this work. 10 Years of Origins was a dream, now, fortunately, fulfilled.

A special edition, if we can call it that, to properly mark a decade, in which I did, or tried to do, the best I can to value and divulge our Viola da Terra, in what is, above all, my vision.

Rafael Costa Carvalho – July 2022"

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