"Chico Maria"

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Angelica from the island of Terceira, produced by Adega Brum, in the parish of Biscoitos.

This wine comes from basaltic rock structures - called "biscoitos" (cookies) - and is cultivated inside the "curraletas" formed by rubble walls that protect the vines from the wind and sea air while creating a micro-greenhouse effect, favouring fruit maturation.

It is made from ancient castes of wine from the Azores, such as the Verdelho and traces of the Terrantez from the Terceira Island. 

ANGELICA - The name "Angelica" is a regionalism that designates a type of sweet liquorish wine very appreciated in the archipelago of the Azores and beyond.

Angelica is obtained through the use of sugary musts of Portuguese wines and alcohol, and later bottled according to traditional processes, perfected over the years, after a stage in Portuguese oak barrels.

Its golden straw color, unique flavor and aromas made Angelica a presence at the tables of great wine lovers. Similar to, to a certain extent, the famous Jeropiga of Portugal, the Angelica of the Azores was considered a "drink of the Gods" because of its unique production and being so difficult to find.

Alcohol: 19% Vol