"Chico Maria" (Medium Dry)

23,09 €


Casa Agrícola Brum is a hundred-year-old wine-producing house founded by Francisco Maria Brum, an important person in the reconversion of the North Atlantic vineyard. Of Flemish descent, this Family has been dedicated to the production and promotion of this unique wine, born of disaggregated basaltic slags for 5 generations.

Founded in 1890, Casa Agrícola Brum has inscribed in its identity the genesis of wine. An ancestral flavor that arises in the region with the first Portuguese settlers increases in importance with the need to suppress the ships of the Indian Routes that docked in the city. The wine grows in "curraletas" formed by stone walls that protect the vineyards from the winds and the sea air, thus creating favourable conditions to the maturation of the grapes.

It has a straw color with greenish tones, with an elegant aroma of nuts (walnuts and hazelnuts), with highlights and some spices and with a dry, smooth, harmonious taste, with a persistent finish.

It is made from ancient castes.

Contains sulfites.

Alcohol content: 17% Vol.

Suggestions: drink fresh (around 8º), mainly as an aperitif, but also as a digestive.

Produced and bottled by: Casa Agrícola Brum, Museu do Vinho