Pay securely using your credit card.

Made in Azores uses the PCI (Payment Card Industry), which aims to protect cardholder data in web applications. Therefore, our server is in encrypted mode and all information transmitted is encrypted (SSL protocol) and secure.

More about the Payment Card Industry
More information about the SSL protocol

To pay by Credit Card, follow the instructions below:

- Complete your order and choose the Visa/Mastercard payment method, when the "Payment" option appears on the page;

- Insert your credit card number, its expiry date and the last 3 digits that are on the back of your card (security code)

- why do you ask for the three digits? *

- The order and your card details will be sent, duly encrypted, to the bank on the date of your order;

- After validation and communication from your bank, the order will be processed, being subsequently notified electronically by Made in Azores;

* In accordance with the security rules of VISA Internacional and Europay / Mastercard Internacional, since April 1, 2001, all requests for authorization to carry out transactions using cards from those systems, can only be processed as long as the elements provided are including the security code (CVV2 / CVC2) that appears on the back of the respective card. So you can buy with confidence and security.


Pay safely using your PayPal or Stripe account. Made in Azores uses a Paypal or Stripe security page, where you must enter your Paypal / Stripe access credentials to complete the order, thus ensuring that data communication is done by the Paypal / Stripe servers, with safety and confidence.

To pay with your Paypal / Stripe account, follow the instructions below:

- Complete your order and choose the PayPal / Stripe payment method, when the "Payment" option appears on the page;

- You will be redirected to a Paypal / Stripe security page, where you will need to identify yourself in your PayPal / Stripe account, and complete your order *;

- If the PayPal / Stripe platform informs you about the non-acceptance of payment, you will be offered another payment method in Made in Azores;

- The address used for the delivery of your products will be the address you defined in your order.

* - the transaction on Paypal / Stripe will appear under the name Atlantiklicious, Lda. name of the company that manages the website


You can make your payment by Bank Transfer, indicating your name and order number in the order description.

To pay via Bank Transfer, follow the instructions below:

- Complete your order and choose the payment method “Bank Transfer”, when the option “Payment” appears on the page;

- Your order will be complete and you will receive a confirmation message at your email address;

- Complete the Bank Transfer with the following data:

IBAN: PT50 0160 0100 0075 5460 0025 2


Novo Banco dos Açores

- As soon as the Bank Transfer is validated by the Bank, your order will be shipped with a tracking number for you to trace its route.