"O Perfume das Ilhas" (CD)

"O Perfume das Ilhas" Album by Luís Alberto Bettencourt (CD)


Album by Luís Alberto Bettencourt, made up of songs for female voices.


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About the author: Luís Alberto Bettencourt was born in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island (Azores), where he currently lives. He is professional musician and composer, and maintains a constant activity in the dissemination and development of new musical styles, often within acoustic atmospheres. He is one of the most established and respected Portuguese musicians, and has a career spanning over 40 years of experience related to the music, not only in the Azores, but also in places he has played, such as Guinea-Bissau.

Track Listing:

1- Porque o Amor Resiste

2- Às Vezes

3- O Destino Apagou-se

4- Nos Teus Olhos

5 - Um Fraquinho Por Ti

6- O Luar Dos Amantes

7- Devagar

8- Dores

9- A Manhã Tem Gosto a Mel

10- Chamateia

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