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"Políticas Culturais nos Açores" by Miguel Rosa Costa

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by Miguel Rosa Costa. "A Burra Edita" collection. Cultural Association Burra de Milho.

"Políticas Culturais nos Açores - Os museus da administração regional e o seu papel na democratização do acesso à cultura" is based on a research project on the cultural policies of the Regional Government of the Azores, through the investments in cultural equipment and the way these policies have influenced the democratization of access to culture in the region, between 1976 and 2008.

After analyzing all the data collected, one can conclude that that the promotion of measures aimed at greater cultural democratization in the Azores involves several factors: a strong financial investment in the equipment in question (such as venues and technical equipment); the development of structural legislation; a position of cultural decentralization; hiring of specialized staff and training of existing staff; and the creation of a regional network of museums.


About the author:

Miguel Rosa Costa was born in Angra do Heroísmo in 1976, where he lived until he finished his studies at the Secondary School of Angra do Heroísmo, currently Jerónimo Emiliano de Andrade, and then continued to Lisbon, graduating in Anthropology, and then finishing his master's degree in Cultural Management.

Professionally he has been connected to the cultural area, having worked at the Regional Museum of Angra do Heroísmo, Regional Directorate of Culture - Knowledge Center of the Azores, at the municipal company CulturAngra EEM, and at the Culture Division of the Angra do Heroísmo City Municipality.

He is currently a senior technician at Angra do Heroísmo Municipality, and has participated and managed several research projects, as well as written for some newspapers in the region and on his personal blog: aviventar.blogspot.com

He was one of the founding members of the Burra de Milho Cultural Association, re-founder member of the Cine-Clube of Terceira Island, and President of the Sanjoaninas Organizing Committee, in 2009.

He is one of the creators of the Competition LABJOVEM - Young Creators of the Azores, which since 2007 has been promoting artists from the region, whether at regional, national or even international level.

Since 2012, Miguel Rosa Costa has been dedicated to Cinema, particularly to the project AMOSTRAM'ISSE - Mostra de Cinema dos Açores, an initiative that consists in the showcase of movies made in Azores throughout the islands of the region, Portuguese continent, and also in the United States of America, Canada and Brazil.

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